A Secret Agent Board Game
DESIGN : Cole Medeiros
ART : Christine MacTernan
Secret Agents
Critical Missions
Powerful Assets
Build an agency of world-class spies!
Send them into the field, direct their movement and monitor your rival agents... you never know when they might strike!
Your mission: travel the world, collect critical assets and use them to eliminate rival agencies! Timing is everything, so  don't let your guard down even for a second!
An arsenal of incredible weapons, gadgets, vehicles and more await your eager agents. Rendezvous at the drop location and capture them before your enemies do!
  • # OF PLAYERS: 2 - 4
  • AGES: 14 +
If you love spies and secret agents, action and intrigue, mysterious briefcases and daring chases, I think you'll love my game.
WEB OF SPIES is a light deck builder, which means that you start with a simple deck (your agency) which you improve by acquiring new cards during gameplay. Using these powerful cards and their effects, your mission is to hunt down your opponents' spies.
When any player loses their last spy, the game ends and the player with the most agents in the field wins... which can make for an exciting finish to a quick, fast-paced game.
Can you survive in a web of spies?
“We just absolutely loved how this game played out. How simple it was to learn. We were playing without a rule book in no time...”
Michael, NVS Gameplays